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Not Your Usual Trans Childhood Narrative

When I was little, my grandmother made me a pink princess costume for Halloween: a little petal pink shift, a darker pink cape that tied with a white grosgrain ribbon and was trimmed with sequins, and a pale pink satin tiara, also trimmed with sequins. I loved it. After Halloween, that costume ended up in my dress up box (a purple box with white hearts), and I played with it all the time.

Until I joined theatre in high school, all of my friends were girls. I played on the playground at recess with girls. I played jump rope. I played with dolls; I even owned a American Girl doll (Addy–at the time, she was the only American Girl doll of color). I wasn’t a tomboy. I’m still one of the least athletic people I know. Continue reading

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Questioning Trans Legitimacy

“Legitimacy” always seems like such an important thing. In this case, it’s a question of who is “really” trans, as if there’s somehow an illegitimate form of trans identity that is separate from the “true” trans folk.

The legitimacy of my trans identity is a big insecurity for me, given that I’ve started questioning my gender at a rather late stage in my life (relatively speaking) and that I don’t have a sense of binary gender, which is the only type of gender that is generally recognized. Continue reading

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